• Why art?

    Art is what we need, every day. Art is food for the soul. It is an essential part of us because it allows us to have a deeper understanding of our emotions. Art increases our self-awareness, and also stimulates us to be open to new ideas and experiences.

  • Together, we grow

    Creators Chambers is a community which presents and promotes creators and artists. Creators Chambers aims to enable artists to sell their work to an international audience and, above all, to help increase their impact on the world.

  • Online Visibility

    Creators Chambers produces documentary short films and interview-based articles about the creator, his creative process and her philosophies. Online visibility enables artlovers and artcreators to meet and connect globally.

Hélène Mulder, founder of Creators Chambers

Hélène Mulder

Filmmaker, web designer and art lover

What drives me? Getting creative professionals out of their comfort zone and into the light. I am strongly focused on supporting them in their entrepreneurship and connecting them with engaged art lovers and buyers.

In the last 20 years, I worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers, Hélena Creations and Axel Vervoordt, among others, which taught me all about the much-needed experience of both the business and creative part of entrepreneurship.

Nowadays, I am pursuing my long-cherished passion of creating digital visuals. As a web designer and filmmaker, I help creators shaping their online presence. With this, creative professionals can shine their light, inviting art lovers and buyers into their world.

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