Elena Lin

Create the Dance of your Dreams | 15 sessions

Create the Dance of your Dreams | 15 sessions

15 sessions, individual workshop by choreographer and dancer Elena Lin.

Create the dance of your dreams, your unique art piece. Become choreographer and story teller in movement.

Would you like to create the dance of your dreams where the movement becomes a higher expression of yourself? Where your stories, the poetry of your life, can be transformed in the motion and dance is becoming a magical experience?

If you are ready for this journey, Elena Lin shows you how to create your unique choreography and how to find your authentic expression in movement in five steps.

1. Storytelling
2. Transforming your story in your unique authentic movement expression
3. Composition 
4. Repetition and polishing your choreography 
5. Final showing


For who?

- This personal workshop online / in person is created for everyone who is passionate about dance and movement. 
- No experience in dance or dance education is required.


- The personal workshop contains 15 sessions, of each 60 minutes.
- This one-on-one workshop will be given online or in person.
- All communications will be in English.

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  • Schedule

    After your booking, you will plan the timetable of your workshop during the intro-session with Elena Lin.

  • Cancellation

    - If you need to cancel a session, inform Elena Lin by email at least 24 hours in advance and together, you will find a new time to reschedule. 

    - Cancelling within 24 hours of your appointment will result in a lost session.

    - Please be on time so you can get the most value out of our session. Even when you’re late, the session is restricted to your reserved time as to not keep other clients waiting.

Elena Lin

Contemporary dancer, choreographer and educator

Elena Lin is a renowned choreographer, performer, martial arts practitioner, art therapist, visual artist and instructor.

Elena is powered by an endless drive to always bring out the best in herself and others. This extraordinary artist nourishes herself with what inspires and attracts her every day: Chinese culture in the broadest sense. Elena Lin has her roots in Serbia and Hungary. She currently lives in Antwerp, Belgium.